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      Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine HCI): The health benefits surrounding B6 is well known by many doctors. The water-soluble vitamin is geared towards helping the body with many functions. A few of the benefits include assisting the breakdown of protein molecules, the synthesis of glucose, and helping break down fats within the body.  

      Vitamin B12 (As Methylcarbylamine): B12 is another water-soluble vitamin, crucial for the proper function in the brain, nerves, and the production of red blood cells. With other benefits including mood and memory the added benefits from this natural occurring supplement is essential in keeping your body in peak performance.

      L-Citrulline: Citrulline is a naturally occurring Amino Acid found in many foods such as watermelon, cucumber, bitter melon, and more. Citrulline is also a natural occurring byproduct created within the body. When you boost the natural citrulline in the body as result the body will increase nitric oxide production as well. So, what is Nitric Oxide? Nitric oxide helps open up the blood vessels in the body and as a result you receive better blood flow. This is very important because this results in intensified workouts, reduced soreness, and improved recovery.

      Coconut Water Powder: Coconut water powder or as we like to call it, Gods Gatorade, is derived from the fruits of the coconut palm. The water derived from the coconut is well known for supporting rapid hydration thanks to its high electrolyte content. Many sports energy drinks that offer electrolytes tend to carry high sugar as well, thus using coconut water powder as a natural choice for replenishing your body during your workout. 

      BeetRoot Juice Powder (Beta Vulgaris): Beet Root Powder has been used by athletes all around the world for years from pro level boxers to top level Olympic power lifters. The improved athletic performance derived from beets is well known, by improving muscle oxygenation during exercise the body can improve the time-to-exhaustion which as a result means longer or more intense exercise.

      Natural Caffeine (Green Tea): Not all caffeine sources are the same, and it's important to understand the differences. When creating the Elevate formula we noticed a huge gap in the market for a green tea caffeine sourced Pre-Workout. Green tea is an amazing way to achieve smooth sustainable energy.

      Raspberry Ketones: Among one of the more popular ingredients Raspberry Ketones is known for helping with the breakdown of fats within the cells. It has also been known for its contribution in assisting the body in regulating the metabolism and burning body fat.

      Dandelion Powder (Taraxacum Officinale) (Root): Dandelion Root has been used for years in traditional medicine, with a wide variety of benefits. Some of the key advantages include regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and aiding in weight loss. The flower is also known to help get rid of subcutaneous water which is great when wanting to break an extra sweat.

      VitaCherry® Whole Tart Cherry Extract: VitaCherry® is a patented concentration of tart cherry extract designed to benefit healthy inflammatory response. Studies have shown Montmorency tart cherries have significant benefits for helping against post-exercise muscle strength loss, soreness, and muscle recovery. All these benefits work together in giving you the competitive edge in pushing your workouts harder and longer.